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Fiddler on the Roof - Matchmaker


Well, somebody has to arrange the matches,

Young people can't decide these things themselves.


She might bring someone wonderful----


Someone interesting----


And well off----


And important---

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,

Make me a match,

Find me a find,

catch me a catch

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Look through your book,

And make me a perfect match


Matchmaker, Matchmaker,

I'll bring the veil,

You bring the groom,

Slender and pale.

Bring me a ring for I'm longing to be,

The envy of all I see.


For Papa,

Make him a scholar.


For mama,

Make him rich as a king.

Chava and Hodel:

For me, well,

I wouldn't holler

If he were as handsome as anything.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,

Make me a match,

Find me a find,

Catch me a catch,

Night after night in the dark I'm alone

So find me match,

Of my own.



Since when are you in a match, Chava? I thought you had your eye on your books.

(Hodel chuckles)

Tzeitel con't:

And you have your eye on the Rabbi's son.


Well, why not?

We have only one Rabbi and he has only one son.

Why shouldn't I want the best?


Because you're a girl from a poor family.

So whatever Yenta brings, you'll take, right?

Of course right!

(throws scarf over her head, imitating Yenta)


Hodel, oh Hodel,

Have I made a match for you!

He's handsome, he's young!

Alright, he's 62.

But he's a nice man, a good catch, true?


I promise you'll be happy,

And even if you're not,

There's more to life than that---

Don't ask me what.

Chava, I found him.

Won't you be a lucky bride!

He's handsome, he's tall,

That is from side to side.

But he's a nice man, a good catch, right?


You heard he has a temper.

He'll beat you every night,

But only when he's sober,

So you'll alright.

Did you think you'd get a prince?

Well I do the best I can.

With no dowry, no money, no family background

Be glad you got a man!


Matchmaker, Matchmaker,

You know that I'm

Still very young.

Please, take your time.


Up to this minute,

I misunderstood

That I could get stuck for good.

Chava and Hodel:

Dear Yenta,

See that he's gentle


You were also a bride.

It's not that

I'm sentimental

Chava and Hodel and Tzeitel:

It's just that I'm terrified!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,

Plan me no plans

I'm in no rush

Maybe I've learned

Playing with matches

A girl can get burned


Bring me no ring

Groom me no groom

Find me no find

Catch me no catch

Unless he's a matchless match.