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Flashdance - He's A Dream - Shandi

He doesn't mean a thing to me, just another pretty face to see

He's all over town, knocking 'em down, honey

I'd never let him next to me

Oh he's the kind of guy who thinks he's smart

He's the type that always looks the part

He's on the make, it's undertake, honey

An' I never let him touch my heart


Right now, ask me if I care, look, it's coming closer, oh I'll swear

He's got to be the toughest guy I've ever seen

I can't believe he's lookin' at me

He's a dream

He didn't mean to catch my eye, well he's lucky, he just walked on by

'Cos he hasn't met a girl like me, are you kiddin'

Well I tell him that I'd rather die


He's a a a (he's a dream)

(He's a dream) tonight (he's a dream) oh I know

(He's a dream) Okay (well he's a dream)

chorus repeats 2x

He's a dream

(He's a dream) (repeats out)