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Footloose - Bang Your Head (Metal Health) (Quiet Riot)

I’m an axe grinder, pile driver

Mama says that I never, never mind her

Got no brains, I'm insane

The teacher says that I'm one big pain

I'm like a lazer, six string razor

I've got a mouth like an alligator

I want it louder, more power

I'm gonna rock it till it strikes the hour


Bang your head

Metal health will drive you mad

Bang your head

Metal health will drive you mad

I'm frustrated and out-dated

I really wanna be over-rated

I'm a finder and I'm a keeper

I'm not a loser, and I ain't no weeper

I got the boys to make the noise

Won't ever let up, hope it annoys you

Join the pack fee the crack

Well now you're here, there's no way back!!!!!!


Metal health will cure your crazy

Metal health will cure your mad

Metal health is what we all need

It's like a heart attack!!!!!!!

Bang your head wake the dead

We're all metal mad, it’s all you have

So bang your head and raise the dead oh yeah

Metal health it drives you mad, mad, mad, mad


(Over chorus to fade..)

Ah get your straightjackets on tonight ohh

The bad boys are gonna set you right

Oh rock ya, rock ya, rock ya