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Footloose - The Girl Gets Around (Sammy Hagar)

Well, she'd like you to think she was

born yesterday

With her innocent looks and her little

town ways

When she's smiling at me, she's got angels

in her eyes

But I've seen how she moves and the girl

really cooks

And she's taught me some tricks that you

can't learn in books

And I'm starting to think there's a devil

there inside

Well, I'm not just a boy who believes what

he sees

But she's got a kiss, brings me down to

my knees

Over and over, I never get my fill

And she might try to talk like she's pure as

the snow

She blushes a lot, but she'll never say no

When her motor is running, this girl don't

sit still



She knows what she likes

I got what she needs

And one of these nights

We'll both make our moves

We'll cover some ground

The girl gets around


Well she holds me so tight and she

whispers so sweet

But she knows all the names of the guys

on the street

She broke hundreds of hearts, but I won't

be that blind