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Freddy Vs Jason - Inside The Cynic (Stone Sour)

I hear my poisons in the multitude

Why was I damned a human deemed too rude

Somewhere between the madness and my mind

I live with lesions called the human kind

I wander aimlessly amongst the herd

Infesting shadows, I am undeterred

I give opinion cuz you give no peace

They say we manifest THE NEW DISEASE



Erratic Bonds, They scar my face

I won't- EXIST

I won't- PERSIST

I cast a weary gaze into the crowd

Ten thousand reasons dropped into my mouth

My theoretix can't begin to live

So I have nothing more than LIFE TO GIVE


See the lies you've given me

This is not what I should be

You say your truth isn't mine

Everything, everything, everything you say's a lie