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Friends I - Stain Yer Blood - Paul Westerberg

It ain't no big deal that,

I feel you are layin' him

I see you lain against the floor

It ain't nobody's business

Who you see or who you kiss

I feel you breathing in the hall

It's okay,

Stained and not for fun

I won't stain your blood

I won't stain love (x2)

Got an eye for an exit

And an ear that just begs to

I hear does anybody here think you're great

Forever they ignore us

Not the guys that only bores us

Together we're gonna love everything that they hate

I don't care

If she's right

Cross my heart

Hope to die

Is it love?

They're gonna talk about us

They're gonna stare when we walk by

They're gonna talk about us

For the first time in our lives

Is it love? Is it love?