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Gang Related - Free 'em All (J. Flex F/ Tenkamenin)


(This is Stephanie Fredric reporting live from inside the Federal

Lock-Em-Down Bureau. This just in: there has been a massive uprising in the

country's penitentiaries. This is apparently due to the systematic

imprisonment of several key figures. Now to our confidential sources on

the inside...)

[Verse 1: Tenkamenin]

They steady takin our money, got us appealin our cases

cos deep down in my heart I know there nothin but racist

No more pistols to pull, no more corners to turn

I learned all I can learn without being burned

Penitentiary dreams got people massing my screams

cos things didn't go the way that it seems, locate and see

Dollar bills is all my homies are seeing

I guess the devil was the god to influence and do these evil things

Incarcerated for murders that been commited

but when I meet the judges they steady askin "Who did it?"

Should I lie or be a man for my dirty action

I'm Larry Hoover, gang disciple, so they label me 'captain'

And for Suge, he ran the business the way that he could

but feds hate to see 'em livin it good, that's why we should

never trust, even though our lust done put us in the dust

That's why they're sayin "In God We Trust", we gotta bust

[Hook (x2): Tenkamenin]

I'm livin life inside a jail cell

I might as well be livin life inside a dirty hell

I can't tell

[Verse 2: J Flex]

As ominous conglomerates gain prominence

economic oppression is all they can promise us

And when one of our own gang's dethroned

Right away they clock him and watch him and tap his telephone

Yo, society ain't nuttin sweet

They don't wanna see a cat from the street get on his feet

It's all designed to enslave us

cos what did Suge Knight do, it ain't be done by Clive Davis

Catch my drift? Our culture's burnin slow like a spliff

Why do we have to riff when we should uplift

We need more real models instead of role models

We cloud up our gun smoke and ol' Gold bottles

What's the motto? But reality sucks

My motto is keep it movin til we control the bucks

and the trucks and the trains and ships and airplanes

distribution companies and record store chains

[Hook (4X)]

[Verse 3: J Flex]

Damn! I just talked to the brother

now they puttin him under the grey cover, notifyin his mother

'Another one bites the dust' but the only one's dyin is us

so I guess I can't trust

Ain't no ghetto in the world that manufactures AK's

Politicians lookin for backdoor paydays

Year after year the same phrase

How much brew we gotta pull out before we change our ways?

I wanna live to be old and senile

without winding up in the pe-nal with some CO treating me foul

See I'll systemise, we become

Give up our god, give up rights and grab a gun

'It ain't no fun' when you take two in the chest

You mighta when out like a G but I ain't impressed

I'm just stressed (why?) cos it's bigger than that

The real G's is the Government supplying the gats and that's fact

[Hook (7X)]


I'm livin inside a (I'm livin inside, inside)

a jail cell, (mine and yours)

I'm blowin up inside a jail cell (Thug til we die)

I'm hopin God show me well (bustin back with no reply)

I'm livin life inside a jail cell (Free Suge Knight, y'all)

(Suge Knight) Hopin God show me well

[Free Larry Hoover (Larry Hoover)]

Free my cousin Keith y'all, *?Hawawrka?*

free free free 'em all (inside my jail cell)

My boy Greedy Box (Put some money in my books)

Put some money on MY books

Show me love (love), One love nigga, one love

Newport (smoke), no feelings baby, (smoke free)

Inside a jail cell (jail cell dreams) must dream

I'm livin life inside my jail cell

(Huh huh, jail cell, jail cell dream)

I'm livin life inside my jail cell

(Inside my jail cell)

I'm livin life inside my jail cell

Might as well be livin life inside a dirty hell

I can't tell

[repeat 3X]