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Gang Related - Loc'd Out Hood (Kurupt (of Tha Dogg Pound))

[Chorus One/Intro:]

It's time to get the loot, ready, aim, shoot

Dogg Pound Gangstas on a mission to execute

Bitches bitches... niggaz niggaz...

I'm all about the paper chase (say what?) cause the paper makes

life so great, plus haste makes waste

And I gots the whole spot locked down I concoct styles

Catch me rollin all the fuck around with the top down

Menace with a microphone, most murder masher (I mash)

Roll for disaster, create a thirty-eight, stash em

in The Inner Zone where the Hellraiser roams

There's no place like home, tec-9's and chromes

I gots the heater sequence for the heat to disperse (pow)

Just in case worse come to worse I dumps first

The thump curse, it's the curse of the pump

The one to dump last is the first to get slumped

The mental temptation, mental assassination

My heart skips a beat for the heat sensation

I'm deathdefying bitches lying sayin, 'I ain't cute'

Now she wants an autograph, bitch, I ain't Snoop

I got everything you need from the weed to the dope coke

Crack to amphetamines to speed

I flows like a ravine, deadly as a guillotine

to leave a murderous scene, when the snub pumps a slug in your spleen

[Chorus Two:]

These motherfuckin bitches, they ain't shit to me

Every bitch that I know she wanna get with me

Don't you know I got a homicidal tendency

So drift with me, hit a spliff with me


Terrordome where it's on, from sellin dope coke to crack

Young Gotti entered the party from the back

Instant pay, I gots to do it my way deserve to swerve

on the highways cause the spot's on from Monday to Friday

Nigga try me, I light the indica and thai weed

Defy me, young Gotti, when I be high as the sky be

Verbal homicide be ready to rupture

Makin moves to touch ya, dissasembled your whole structure

I make money, cause that's all I know how to make

That's all I learned when I was young no hesitation or mistakes

I see a car, filled wit nuttin but rocks and knots (and what)

Midnight complexion glocks to shake spots

They see my people (Dogg Pound) so they already assume

I live illegal, but they assumed too soon

I got a treat for every bitch on the street, I roll with beat

I got a problem, I got a fixation for heat

It's time to dump, double-barrel pump, packed and loaded

Instantaneous death when it exploded, uhh

There's not a nigga who can hold me, contain me

or tame me (with who?) with my fuckin nigga Mo Khomani

I'm out my mind like a Irani, a terrorist

with tactics off that Cristal twisted backwards

[Chorus One: 2X]

[Chorus Two: 2X]

These motherfuckin bitches...

These motherfuckin niggaz... fool...

Don't you know... say what, say what?

Who? Who?

[Chorus One: 2X]

Daz, in the house, yeah

My nigga Kurupt, is in the house, yeah

Snoop Dogg, is in the house

And Dogg Pound for life, is in the motherfuckin house

And Death Row, is in the house...