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Gang Related - Questions (Tech9ne)

The name of this motherfucker is called Questions

Rough Draft (ha ha, tell em)

QDIII did the beat (all day all night)

Whassup to everybody out there in L.A.

What you really doin hoe?

Why do I do the things I do?

Why so many questions?

What am I doing?

I talk to myself... when there's no-one to talk to

I wanna ask me a question:

When am I gonna make it up out of a hellish and devilish way?

When are you gonna make mill-ions with the dividends;

when are you gonna make ends generate bread?

Who in the hell, left the gate open? Do you wanna sell?

Is everybody on wavelength like us?

Why do I rip it in half, doobie kick ass with backwards

attach isssh like ?hap ut eallavik?

Can you wait a minute? Can you slow it up a little bit

Nina so I can get up in it?

But did you really wanna dabble in fanatical supernatural

lyrically radical milli minutes, I'm about to begin it

Can I get some, can I spit some, which one?

When am I gonna get off this trip?

Can I take another peel, why do I feel

like I'm a sick individual in the room, poppin off at the lip?

Do you, feel me? Do you do voodoo really?

Did you get it? Did you want a real epidemic?

Will you let me run up in it?

What's the word; is it absurd? What is that isssh you heard?

Was it real, is it real, was it really real?

Tech9ne in it to win it besides QDThird occurred

Who's the worst, who's rastafari?

You never livin never sure it's Selassie I the First

brother on the planet Earth, who? Do you wanna flow;

what you wanna do?

How can I be in the zone like this, gone like this?

How can I break the obsession?

In the middle of it all, when I snap back, step back

and ask myself; what, why do you ask so many questions?

[Chorus: repeat 2X (chorus is best guess)]


Do I wanna stick em with another hit up after this?


I'm at the pinnacle when I'm up in em I'ma kill em in this

Do you understand.. whatcha gonna do when Nina hit you

with the critical homidical lyrical killer flippin

leavin you with boo-boo underpants?

How does it feel? Do you wanna come up and chill - with an assassin?

Can you feel it inside, what?

The feeling of a commotion of two titans clashing

Why me, who are you, what I am supposed to do - what a nigga here fo'?

Who do you fear mo'? Is it the Nine, with a brand new joint?

Like to hear it, here go

What are you lookin at, when am I gonna get a dose of thorazine?

Can you give me a little something to ease the pain?

Ease the mayn, who's the mayn?

Tech-a-Nina with the Road Dawgs and the Midwest Side Crew's to blame

Can I get a little back with attack issh?

What do you accomplish, ever can't you diss, diss

pitless bottom of a, in you toss thou nigga ass, Babe mish

Hate a playa percenter a-hundred that is

Side West, Mid, down ever who off, what?

Hack it, did you know Tech9ne hot like a dragon?

Did you feel it baby? Can you give me a double dose

of whatever the feeling I'm gettin is really pain

Kobain, for anybody want a piece of this, sickness

Is it a cinch to get with hot?

Who, when, where what why?

I'm at the pinnacle with a killer eye, do I wanna

die no I just wanna dose of the most inner syringe

up in my thigh, bonzai!!

[Chorus 2X]

Now do you know what the real is?

Does everybody think I'm twisted? Non-realistic

or do you think that I'm gifted, I'ma live freer

Can you help me? Am I lookin at you

can I be peepin you from afar, please, remain calm

Could you be the reason I'm a bomb

straight out of Vietnam, ready to explode on Sa-tan?

Tell me what the problem is, I'ma write what the bottom is

Do you know what a empty column is?

Am I your worst nightmare? I feel sick right there

Should I blow it out, can I do without, do I need help?

Am I living within a pen of demons?

I'm stressing, can I get a blessing (from who?)

The one who cursed me with all these Questions

Some say I'm psychotic

but if I have to label it, it would be -- confusion

It's like I gotta write shit like this

to keep my head from exploding, yaknowhatI'msayin?

So many questions

[Chorus 2X]