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Gang Related - Way Too Major (Daz Dillinger F/ Tray Deee)



Yeah... we back

Daz Dillinger in the game

Death Row, in the house

Lettin y'all know, we ain't went nowhere, we right here

In effect, c'mon

Ahh yeah, watch out, get ready for war

We the Gang and we bang knockin down your door

What's the secrets of war I can't take no more

Within minutes we get in it comin for you and yours

With these automatic toys throughout the world make noise

Dippin in low-lows, and jumpin out of fo'-do's

Catchin, many and any with the fo'-fo'

Blastin and mashin I cash in many for Death Row

Rest in peace to my homeboys who ain't alive

Now the mission is for us to conquer and ride

The worst California we droppin somethin on ya

Ain't no one to sound, like ta-pow, you a goner

For the simple fact we get Gang Related

We have the papers and you suckers hate it

What you gon do when we get loose and act a fool

Break the rules on you and dust you off with the tools

[Chorus: Tray Deee]

Yeah, you know I ain't nuttin but a gangsta

Only with the swoll rolls and the paper

Once I get the big bank, gotta shake her

Cause I'm tryin to get way too major

[repeat 2X]

[singing] And you know we really like to get down

with the Gangsta Boogie

[repeat 2X]

[Dat Nigga Daz]

I penetrate, send it straight to your middle brain

Three times dope similar to my nickname

A big Caine, ain't nuttin changed now I'm solo

My gangsta ass track with the Gang is my logo

Ridin with the top down, off lockdown

Time for me to knock down fool's whole compound

Like the World Trade Center

The world made thinner when I'm pullin on my girl gray trigger

Figure when I enter I intend to rule this

This industry fin to see I'm nuttin to fool wit

Like Jack Nicholson, I smack fickle men

And pack somethin in my penalty

Will well then they see the toppest servin a putdown

And I'm on this notice my opponents get took down

A crook down from my ground of clout

Representin Death Row when I was down and out

It don't stop


[Daz Dillinger]

I came in the game with the aim to maim

The gangbang murder main slang is strange

My first idea when I stare up in the mirror

Is how Daz Dillinger gon creep up on the scrilla

And if I don't plot then I'll probably not

get my issue, so I gotta figure how to twist you

Hit you hard like a gauge shot

Watchin fools laid out when the bloodshot sprayed out

I shoot my way out these punks for rent

So duck when the slugs hit your trunks, you're finished

I'm comin out runnin that's to shake the scene

Break the green I'll scream out the gangsta theme

Do or die! Ain't no lie, that's the way I eat

Watch me scope out and choke out the prayout beat

GIve me six in the chamber fuck twelve in the box

Let the gravedigger be the one shovelin rocks, it don't stop



This how we live, ballin on y'all

Fancy cars and houes

[singing 1X again]

Yeah, and you know we got this, so don't trip, ha ha

Yeah, and you know that

Yeah, real smoove

Straight up, we got get down

Gangsta, and we major

And we doin, watch out

[singing 2X again]

Death Row, Daz Dillinger