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Get Over It - Get With Me (Shorty 101)

[Rodney Jerkins ad-libs]

You can say anything

That I haven't heard before

So don't you think?

Your words will be

The key to open up that door

Cause I don't need someone to be

Around to put a smile on me

And you know it's plain to see

You only want to get with me, baby

[1] - I can't believe that you're try-na get with me

With all those same old lies

You say that I'm just like the type of girl but

I don't have the time to get caught up in your silly game

I know you're full of lies

I don't need you in my life

[2] - Is there anything you wouldn't say tonight?

Just to get with me

Am I gonna have to catch you in a lie?

I know that I don't really wanna hear the same old lies

For you to get with me

Is there anything that you wouldn't do?

Is there anything you wouldn't say to get with me?

I'm tired of lies

I'm tired of cheating

All those foolish lies won't work with me

Can't get to me talking to sweet

Cause I know you'd say anything

To get with me probably have somebody already waiting

Calling me your only girl

Like you're the only one in the world

[Repeat 1]

So tell me...

[Repeat 2]

Do you really think I'd fall for that this time?

Do you really think I'd never realize?

Do you really think you'd have the chance?

To come at me again with those lies

All I wanted was to fall in love

I think I've really had enough

See I've seen it all before

So you'd better close the door before it hits you in the back

This time baby!

[Rodney Jerkins ad-libs]

Get with me, get with me

I don't need you in my life

[Repeat 2 till end]