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Godzilla - Macy Day Parade - Michael Penn

Macy Day parade

Solid on a station

It is in the air

The floats are floatin' in it

Everything's right

'Cause everything is changed

Everything you thought of

Don't it look the same

When you bend down to it

Bend like a child filled with rum

You wanna see me, fee fo fum

You are (????) through tonight

In the garden of delight

Bring the family up

Bring the friends and neighbors

When they call last call

You look so contagious

And I would catch it all

Beyond science of love

Exotic girls retire

Power's out tonight

It has blown a wire

So nevermind you, nevermind

Do you cultivate an appetite

For the only open hand to bite

In the garden of delight

Let your hair hang low

Let the air surround you

If I look you in the moon tonight

Would you leave me (????)

Honey, you are sure polite

In the garden of delight