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Great White Hype (The) - Movin' On (Dj U-neek)

(::NYT OWL::)

(::4 times::)

Movin On-Movin On-Movin On

I'm Movin On-Movin On-Movin On

(::DJ U-NEEK::)

I escape from outta state I gotta date with big scrilla

the top billa, lampin rockin mansion and a villa

punany killa o' mighty dealer with mean stacks and green backs

lampin with a team of phat cats

but them dirty rats sceemin tryin to snatch up the capital

mad cause they know I'm stackin doe international

it's untouchable so they besta be jetti

cause a nigga don't play when your messin with my fetti

I'm ready, to do this my way, hit the highway

crusin with control, let the AC blow

it's all about the doe and nothin less for sho

and when my pockets get low I'm on a quest for mo

cause yo, life ain't the same without the ends

cause money buys friends and a hole lot of skins


(::NYT OWL::)

Cause everybody's lookin for somethin

Some of them want to use you, (--I'm movin on--)

Some of them want to be used by you, (--movin on--)

Some of them want to abuse you, (--I'm movin on--)

Some of them want to be a-bused, (--Oh......--)

(::DJ U-NEEK::)

Hoes be layin on their backs just to stack a phat purse

but whats worse than your fella curse by the versa tella

a soul sella, hangin out for the clout,

probably blow my brains out and hopes them chains fall out

I wouldn't doubt it, bye

niggas be actin shady

so I pack a 380, yo black, don't try to play me,

its crazy, to see your homie flip on some bogus shit

only stick around cause this shorties on my dick,

so take a lick sis your on your knees already

they thinkin petty, hypnotized by the fetti,

with your eyes steady, locked on what I got

tellin the block that I changed cause I came up on a ??

they must forgot when I rose sellin smoke

tryin to make an end we wasn't hangin tight then


(::DJ U-NEEK::)

Money bless, but money ain't the key to success

the only thing that changed was my name and address

now I dress to impress, the ladies I caress

fuck the stress I got to live life at it's best

but nevertheless, snakes want to put me to the test

cause they depress, broken smokin to much cess

so they manifest, jealousy and envy

and that will be the cause of another felony

see friends turn to foes, and foes is enemies,

and enemies is fleas so they got the tendencies

to try to seize, all your geez and assets

but I smash threats like a blast for the tec

so show respect, and get respect in return

it ain't hard to earn, but some niggas will never learn


Everybodies lookin for somethin, said ya gonna be used, they wanna be

abused, I just wanna keep on movin, movin, movin, movin, Oh, movin on,

Oh..., I'm movin on, movin on, movin on, I said movin, I'm movin on,

movin, movin, movin on, movin on, I'm movin on, Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohoh Yeah,

I'm movin on, movin on, I just got to keep on movin, I just got to keep

on movin........