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High School Musical 3 - Mixin' My Turn (Cast)


I’m left here again

With a decision to make,

Gotta sort out my priorities,

And in the midst of it all

I gotta stop to think,

My choice will hurt the ones

It doesn’t involve.


I find myself,

Then lose again

Mixin’ my turn

Confusing my role.

I can’t seem to win,

And I can’t seem to help,

So when it comes to my turn

I’ll just play my part.


It seems to me,

I have two choices;

I can play the game,

Or I can sing the line,

It’s a never ending struggle

And I can’t breathe

To think right.



I got the world on my shoulders

Two opposites collide

And I don’t know what to do

When the power’s in my hands.



Mixin’ my turn,

Confusing my role,

Mixin’ my turn,

I’m always mixin’ my turn.

"We know now,

Don't need a second thought,

It will never end