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High School Musical 3 - Walk Away (Gabriella)

I guess I should’ve known better

To believe that my luck had changed

I let my heart and forever

Finally learn each other’s name

I tell myself this time is different

No goodbyes ’cause I can’t bear to say it

I’d never survive the one that’s coming

If I stay, oh no


Just walk away

And don’t look back

’Cause if my heart breaks

It’s gonna hurt so bad

You know I’m strong

But I can’t take that

Before it’s too late

Oh, just walk away

Walk, walk, walk away

Oh, just walk away

Walk, walk, walk away

I really wish I could blame you

But I know that it’s no one’s fault (no one’s fault)

A Cinderella with no shoe

And a prince that doesn’t know he’s lost

This emptiness feels so familiar

Each goodbye, just the same old song

But this time I will not surrender

’Cause I’m gone


Just walk away

I’ve got to let it go

Start protecting my heart and soul

’Cause I don’t think I’ll survive

A goodbye again

Not again


Walk, walk, walk away

Walk away, walk away (Repeat 6x)