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Oh, Kay! - Finaletto Act Ii, Scene 1


On single life today

The curtain's falling:

And oh! We've got to say

It's most enthralling.

They'll honeymoon away -

Niag'ra's calling.

Don't you just adore it!

They've a nice day for it!

Bachelor boy and bachelor girl-goodbye!


It's never too late to Mendelsshon

It doesn't matter how long you have tarried.

Two hearts are at Journey's Endelssohn

And we have all come here to see them married.


And now

We'll hear them take their vow -

The happy bride and groom.

They're through

When they have said "I do!" -

The happy bride and groom.

One thing!

Please don't forget the ring -

Oh, happy bride and groom.

Be gay -

This is your wedding day -

Be happy! Happy happy bride and groom!


Though I'm patiently waiting,

He is long overdue.

If he keeps hesitating,

Tell me, what can I do?

Someday he will appear -

Perhaps he's near.

I'm not going to worry

But I do wish he'd hurry.


Soon or late-maybe -

If you wait-maybe -

Paradise will open its gate


Maybe soon-maybe late