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Oklahoma - It's A Scandal! It's A Outrage! (Rodgers And Hammerstein)







Friend, what's on your mind?

Why do you walk around and around?

With your hands folded behind?

And your chin scraping the ground?


Twenty minutes ago, I am free, like a breeze.

Free like a bird in the woodland wild.

Free like a gypsy, free like a child.

I am unattached.

Twenty minutes ago, I can do what I please.

Flick my cigar ashes on the rug.

Dunk with a donut, drink from a jug.

I am a happy man.

I am minding my own business like I oughta.

Ain't meaning any harm to anyone.

I'm talking to a certain farmer's daughter-

Then I am looking in the muzzle of a gun!


It's getting so you can't have any fun.

Every daughter has a father with a gun.

It's a scandal. It's an outrage.

How a gal gets a husband today.


If you make one mistake when the moon is bright

Then they tie you to a contract so you make it every night.


It's a scandal. It's an outrage.

When her family surround you and say,

"You gotta take and make an honest woman outa Nell"


To make you make her honest, she will lie like hell!


It's a scandal. It's an outrage.

On our manhood it's a blot!

Where is the leader who will save us

And be the first man to be shot?




Yes, you!

It's a scandal. It's an outrage.

Just a wink and a kiss and you're through!


You're a mess, and in less then a year, by heck

There's a baby on your shoulder making bubbles on your neck.


It's a scandal. It's an outrage.

Any farmer will tell you it's true.


A rooster in a chicken coop is better off than men-

He ain't the special property of just one hen.


It's a scandal. It's an outrage.

It's a problem we must solve.

We gotta start a revolution!


All right, boys. Revolve!