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Oliver! - As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise)


(spoken) Who is this man? Perhaps we can...


(spoken) No! We can't! Whatever else I do, I won't turn on him!


(spoken) But, a man who might kill you?


(spoken) Yeah, but he's mine, and I'm his. I've got to go back. I want to go back. (sung) He doesn't act as tho' he cares.

But deep inside I know he cares.

And that is why I'm tied

Right by his side.

As long as he needs me...

I know where I must be

But, will he never see

That someone else needs me?

As long as life is long...

I'll love him...right or wrong...

But, something just as strong

Says someone else needs me...

A child

With no one to take his part.

I'll take his part, Bill...

..But cross my heart!

I won't betray your trust

Tho' people say I must.

My heart will stay true..just..

..As long as he needs me.