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Oliver! - Where Is Love?

[MRS. SOWEBERRY (spoken)]

Right then, Oliver Twist,

your bed's underneath the counter.

You don't mind sleeping

among coffins I suppose?

It don't much matter whether you do

or you don't cause you can't sleep

nowhere else!


Where is love?

Does it fall from skies above?

Is it underneat the willow tree

That I've been dream of?

Where is she?

Who I close my eyes to see?

Will I ever know the sweet "hello"

That's only meant for me?

Who can say where she may hide?

Must I travel far and wide?

'Til I am bedside the someone who

I can mean somethin to ...


Where is love?

Who can say where...she may hide?

Must I travel...far and wide?

'Til I am beside...the someone who

I can mean...something to...


Where is love?