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On a Clear Day You Can See Forever - Wait Till We're Sixty-five


Guaranteed income

House with a view

Doctors and nurses

Surgery too.

Everything paid for

And it comes true...

When we're sixty-five.

Ten, twenty, thirty,

Then we're forty

Wait 'til we're sixty-five.

No need to hurry

Not a worry left

But to keep alive.

Not another premium to pay

All we got to do now is play and play.

Six years or seven

Then to heaven,

You first, the records show.

I get the pension

Not to mention

Blue Cross until I go.

If you ever thought you had fun

At twenty-one

Wait 'til we're sixty-five.

Hop, skip to forty

Jump to fifty

Wait 'til we're sixty-five.

Paid up and grinning

Just beginning

Now to become alive.


If the children never mature...


What the hell,

The bonds will

So we're secure.


Safe from disaster,

No one has to

Take care of ma and pa.


All brown and rosy

Living cozy

Down there in Tampa, Fla.

If you feel like Catherine the Great

At twenty-eight

Wait 'til we're sixty-five.



Life will be gala

Every malady all completely paid

And we've a plot a

Terra cotta

In which we'll both be laid.

If you were a little forlorn

When you were born

Wait 'til we're sixty-five!