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Piccole Donne - Astonishing


Who is he?

Who is he with his marry me?

With his ring and his marry me,

the nerve, the gull.

This is not,

Not what was meant to be.

How could he ruin it all

With those two words?

I thought I knew him

Thought that he knew me

When did it change?

What did I miss?

A kiss,

When I thought all along,

That we were meant to find frontiers,

How could I be so wrong?

And I need,

How I need my sisters here

If I can't share my dreams

What were they for?

I thought our promise

That we would never change and never part.

I thought together,

We'd amaze the world.

How can I live my dreams or even start when everything has come apart.

I thought home was all I'd ever want

My attic all I'd ever need.

Now nothing feels the way it was before

And I don't know how to proceed.

I only know I'm meant for something more

I've got to know if I can be


There's a life

That I am meant to lead

A life like nothing I have known

I can feel it

And it's far from here

I've got to find it on my own

Even now I feel it's heat upon my skin.

A life of passion that pulls me from within,

A life that I am making to begin.

There must be somewhere I can be



I'll find my way

I'll find it far away

I'll find it in unexpected and unknown

I'll find my life in my own way


Here I go

And there's no turning back

My great adventure has begun

I may be small

But I've got giant plans

To shine as greatly as the sun

I will blaze until I find my time and place

I will be fearless,

Surrendering modesty and grace

I will not disapear without a trace

I'll shout and start a riot

Be anything but quiet

Christopher Columbus

I'll be Astonishing



At Last