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Piccole Donne - Fire Within Me

How do I go on?

Just an empty room

All I have are memories

I need a task to do

Someone give me a task to do

I need a....

I thought that somehow we would always have forever

I thought the promises we made would have a different end

I thought the love we shared would keep us as we were

It was the fire within me

We dreamed and plotted with abandon in this attic

When we were gathered here the room became our citadel

We were amazing then my sisters and I

They were the fire within me

In this room I knew we were alive

Nothing was too painful to survive

We faced the world together

The four of us forever side by side

Everything I promised was for them

I was theirs no matter where or when

How can that be lost forever

How when I gave everything with all my heart


[It was several days before Christmas.

It was several days before Christmas.

My sisters sat about the parlor and grumbled about their fate.

Meg, the oldest and most romantic said,

"It's not fair some girls have pretty things while we have nothing."

"And it won't be Christmas without presents," said Amy with her usual pout.

"And we haven't got father to read to us,"

said Jo who yearned to travel and write great books.

Only Beth, sitting contented said, in a tone so sweet,

even angels would have listened,

"But we've got each other."]

Everything I promised them is here

All of us we used to be

We will always have each other

They will always be the fire in my heart

Here I go, and there's no turning back

My great adventure has begun

I may be small

But I've got giant plans

To shine as brightly as the sun

Here in all the smallest details of the past

Here in this attic suddenly life is something vast

The four of us forever here at last

As unexpected as can be