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Radio America - Guy's Shoes


More show in just a moment

But let's come in here now with a word about shoes

Guy's Shoes,

That's guy's shoes, boys

Talkin shoes, talkin guys

Any two, any size

From your ankles to your toes

At the bottom of your clothes

You're talkin shoes, talkin guys


Yes, guy's shoes, they're made to last

Ask about those guy's cash shoes

With the hole in the soles

You stash your cash when you're out on the trail

Isn't that right, Lefty


That's where I keep mine, GK

All right

Let's welcome em now, the old trailhands here

The paco bells of the prairie

The Bronsons of the bunkhouse

Here they are Dusty and lefty

One, two, you know what to do