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Radio America - Tishomingo Blues

I hear that old piano from down the Avenue

I smell the pine trees, I look around for you

Oh, my sweet, sweet, sweet old someone coming through the door

It's Saturday and the band is playing

Honey, could we ask for more


Hello everybody, on a Saturday night

Welcome to a live broadcast of a Prairie Home Companion

Coming to form WLT, your friendly neighbour station

From the Fitzgerald Theater here in downtown St Paul

With all your friends

The Johnson girls are here, Wanda, and Yolanda

The old trail hands, Dusty and Lefty

Mr Chuck Acres

Garrison and Steele, the Guys All-Star Shoe Band

And many more

Brought to you by All-Star Biscuts and the Big Blue Box

Made from whole wheat that gives shy persons

The strength to get up and do what needs to be done

Brought to you by bee-bop a ree-bop a rhubarb, it's hard rhubarb

It's the secret of the life as we know it

And also brought to you by katchup

Full of natural mellowing agents, katchup

Home grown in Minnesota gardens