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Radio America - Whoop-i-ti-yi-yo


Well, what ya reckon we sing a song, Dusty

Well, let's do it, Lefty

One, two, you know what to do

Well, I'm just an old cowboy with twigs in my hair

Two-thirds alligator and three-quarters bear

And one half a lion but let it be known

I never told one lie that was not my own

Whoop-i-ti-yi-yo, git along little doggy

I'll eat when I'm hungry, I'll drink when I'm dry

Don't boss me or cross me or I'll spit in your eye

I think what I please and I say what I mean

And I think all you women are the finest I've seen

Whoop-i-ti-yi-yo, git along little doggy

I love the prairie, say what you will

It's flat and it's dusty but I love it still

It's emtpy and lonely and tedious too

So maybe I'm crazy but what can I do

Whoop-i-ti-yi-yo, git along little doggy

Here comes the solo

Yeah, real good

I guess you can tell by the way we are dressed

We're are two cowboy of the wild west

Cowboy's who's boots have stepped into manour

Heroes of song and of literature

We ride in the snow and we ride in the rain

Just like Gene Autry, just like John Wayne

They were better cowboys then us and I mean it

And we are still living and that is convenient

Whoop-i-ti-yi-yo, git along little doggy

Whoop-i-ti-yi-yo, git along little doggies

Yoo-ah-lay-lee, yoo-ah-lay-lee, a-whooooo

Wha, hooooo