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Raven - Future Is Clear (Jeannie Ortega)


Oh yeah


The future is clear

I want you to be my boyfriend

Whenever you're here, the clouds disapear

And the future is clear

Who's cuter than you

Yeah I wanna be your girlfriend

Whatever you do, I'm keeping you here

Cause the future is clear

Some things are meant to be

Sometimes they work out perfectly

Take a chance on you and me

They could happen

Can't know what tomorrow is

Is this a chance you wanna miss

I've been getting good at this

And the future is clear


Things are tricky when you start

It is always the hardest part

You hear your head and not your heart

Won't you listen

I'm someone who knows

This is how the story goes

I see the aging cause it shows

Cause the future is here


I know something that you don't

Tomorrows almost here

Cause the future

Cause the future is clear

Oh yeah


Chorus 2x