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Raven - Where You Belong (Huckapoo)

You stand apart

Alone you are

Working on your masterpiece

They laugh, they stare

No one could tear

Invite you to hang out with them

Look around, no where to go

They get ya down cause you just like to know


Where you belong

Just looking for the place that you fit in

Too cool, too weird, it's always something

Try hard, but you can't seem to get there

Where you belong

So what, so what if you're different

It's what you is, not what you isn't

Someday, it will be somewhere

You dress in black, head full of facts

A real encyclopedia

I've blown away

With what, you say

I love the way you look at things

Don't take it all so hard

Seems to me, you're not so very far


Just got to happy with yourself

Always trying to be somebody else

Everybody just trying to find a place

Chorus 2x

Where you belong

Someday, it will be something