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Ricordati Di Me - Look At Me (Geri Halliwell)

Good lookin',bad tastin'

full bodied,but wasted

loose livin',tight fitting

what you see ain't what you are getting

big make up,little break up

she wants it,he's got it

cold blooded,hot gossip

superficial expectations


Look at me

you can take it all because this face is free

maybe next time use your eyes and look at me

I'm a drama queen if that's your thing baby

I can even do reality


fake money,real plastic

stupid cupid,fantastic

queer thinking,straight talking

what you see ain't what you are getting

fast lovin',slow movin'

no rhythm,but I'm groovin'

old feelin',new beginning

superficial expectations

Repeat CHORUS.

sometimes I don't recognise

my own face

I look inside my eyes and find disgrace

my little white lies tell a story

I see it all it has no glory

HA,ha ha ha ha ha


come on and look at me

this face is free I'm your fantasy

so who'd you wannabe

I'm a drama queen

come on and look at me

(Repeat until fading)