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Titanic (Musical) - Barret's Song


She's sparkling clean, this new-born ship

But one old thing is clear

The orders they propose above

We execue down here...

We'll watch form here as up above

They'll catch a whiff of glory

This wonder ship may be brand new

But it's the same old story...

Stoke the fire in the hold

As the men draw back...

Feed the heat in the hold

As the men draw back

And the dust of the coal in the air is black

And a trickle of sweat runs down your back...

And what are the boys from the midlands doing here?

Coal it is that makes the steam

That runs the machines that run the world

That sends the men below the ground

To mine the coal

Each day...

From Leicestershire and Nottingham

Us lads who worked down in the pit

Knew if you got above the ground

You'd save your soul

Some way...

Get out of the pit

And westward I knew I could run

And ship out to sea and there my new life was begun...

And the screws are turning at seventy-one...

It became my dream to go out to sea...

Further out from the mine you couldn't be...

But, born to the coal, there's no place for you elsewhere

You trade a life of dank and gloom

To shovel in the boiler room

But now your seven decks below

A lady's dainty feet...

And nothing has changed

There's nothing a miner can do

The pit and your mates

Turned into the hold and the crew...

And the screws are turnin at seventy-two...

Faster and faster we watch as we gain ever more

Seventy-three, and too soon it is seventy-four...

For a record speed I belive we strive!

For the maiden ship that's too hard to drive

If you push her faster than seventy-five.

That is the truth

I swear!