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Titanic (Musical) - Mr. Andrews' Vision


Just a cursory look at the blueprints here

Shows the weaknesses that we have missed

How the water poured in

A three-hundred-foot gash

And caused the bow to flood and to list

And then it filled to the top

Our separate watertight compartments

And began to overflow...

Because the walls in-between the compartments

Are too low!

She's only sinking because these bulkheads

Stop a deck too low!

But here's a thought! Take the line...

And extend up the walls to the brink...

It's just a small redesing...

But when it's done then i know she can't sink!

Like this!... Like this!...

Like this!... Like this!...

The ship will start to plunge beneath the surface

The water lapping at our feet

Down sinks the bow, up flies the stern

To the sky...

The panicked people in retreat

A thousand strong, they'll climb up

Toward the aft deck

They'll cling there desperately

Like bees to a hive!

There they'll hold fast

Doomed to the last

Lost and abandoned and all still alive

A few of them will hang there

From the railings

As, one by one, they'll drop away!

More than two-hundred-fifty feet

They will fall

And after that, I cannot say

I will not say...

The rest, in swarms, will overrun the boat deck

They'll lose all sense of right and wrong

It will be "Eevery man from himself", all right!

The weak thrown in with the strong!

First class, and third, and second

Will mean nothing!

And sheer humanity alone will prevail

One single class

Brute, harsh and crass

That's what will come of the world that set sail


Shall we all meet in the Autumn?...

Shall we all meet in the Autumn?...