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Top Gun - Playing With The Boys - Kenny Loggins

I'd say it was the right time

To walk away

When dreaming takes you nowhere

It's time to play

Bodies working overtime

Your money don't matter

The clock keeps ticking

When someone's on your mind

I'm moving in slow motion

Feels so good

It's a strange anticipation

Knock, knock, knocking on wood

Bodies working overtime

Man against man

And all that ever matters

Is baby who's ahead in the game

Funny but it's always the same


Playing, playing with the boys

Playing, playing with the boys

After chasing sunsets

One of life's simple joys

Is playing with the boys

Said it was the wrong thing

For me to do

I said it's just a boys' game

Girls play too

My heart is working overtime

In this kind of game

Someone gets hurt

I'm afraid that someone is me

If you want to find me, I'll be

Playing with the boys

I don't want to be the moth around your fire

I don't want to be obsessed by your desire

I'm ready, I'm leaving

I've seen enough

I've got to go

You play too rough