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Training Day - Crooked Cop (Napalm)

Hahaha, yeah

Super, this is super, yeah

[Verse 1]

A "100 Miles and Runnin" on the block cause I'm wanted

The cops try to say I'm under arrest for nuttin

Since I'm young and paid, drivin a big truck

One of the main reasons they don't give a fuck

When you got a warrant that's not good

Dirty cops throw your hands on the hot hood

Gettin frisked by the you know who

Crooked ass detectives don't even have a clue

When it's time to run, I jump gates, throw milk crates

do whatever so I don't get shipped upstate

First flat, already tryna bust caps

Talkin about they tryin to get somebody's purse back

They wanna see me under the precinct

gettin disrepected, treated undecent

That's why I bounce when they pass by

Fuck that, I ain't goin out like the last guy


It's a dirty game out there

Crooked cops takin shots

Snitches sayin names out there

This ain't your block, I got dibs on that

Run in cribs with kids and blow wigs back

Police is grimy, lookin like "try me"

Ready to lock me up, ridin by me

I just put my game face on

Five of us deep, all singin the same song

[Verse 2]

Yeah, put your hands up, y'all know what time it is

We all going, whether the shit's mine or his

Tryna catch a nigga six in the morning

In my boxers, catch a nigga while he yawning (feet don't fail me now)

I can't get locked up, there's no stash for the bail now

So a nigga gotta change the routine, take a little trip OT

Catch a new scene, playin big man games

Get knocked said no names

And I don't even sell dope or cocaine

In the streets, my block's full of track stars

Everybody tryna look like some rap star

For every dirty cop there's another block

full of hard rocks 'bout to get got

DT's when they pass us, they harass us

I gotta rock a vest, cause they even blast us


[Verse 3]

They never seen me comin

Jumpin over they car, like that badge don't mean nothin

My third strike, see me on a dirt bike

All they know is that he's black and his shirt's white

I have no regards for authority

all I know is that I'm gettin money and have more to feed

When they start with that "come out with your hands up"

Talkin 'bout "put his ass in handcuffs"

I'm a hit the back streets, throw the heat in my man's jeep

While it movin and stack heat

I can't sleep cause I'm p-noid

Always lookin out for unmarked cars and decoys

It's a jungle so I got a good lawyer

And all y'all DA's I got somethin for ya

I'm still gettin blunted when the cops is comin

Shots got me a "100 Miles and Runnin"

[Chorus] - 2X (*police sirens appear behind Chorus the second time*)