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Undiscovered - Smart In A Stupid Way (Steven Strait & Ashlee Simpson)

She had eyes like crazy diamonds

And you ran with feet of clay

we rolled the windows tight as they would go

It was a smoggy day

She looked up and asked me if I ever had a lover that I did not betray

And I turned on the radio and I looked the other way

She said you're smart, but in a stupid way


And this is the price that you pay

For being smart in a stupid way

You stand there staring while your lover walks away

Being smart, in a stupid way

The doors they close like eyelids

The train just pulled away

Sometimes I smell the perfume that she was wearing that day

And I wonder if there's anyone that I'll ever love in any way

Maybe I'll grow up and be good someday

Maybe this pain I feel will go away


So why is my heart so hollow,

And why are my dreams so shallow?

And why don't I ever have anything else to say"

And why is my love so far away"