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Urban Legend - Zoot Suit Riot (Cherry Poppin' Daddies)

Who's that whisperin' in the trees

It's two sailors and they're on leave

Pipes and chains and swingin' hands

Who's your daddy? Yes I am

Fat cat came to play

Now he can't run fast enough

You had best stay away

When the pushers come to shove


Zoot Suit Riot

Throw back a bottle of beer

Zoot Suit Riot

Pull a comb through your coal black hair

A whipped up jitterbuggin' brown eyed man

A stray cat frontin' up an eight-piece band

Cut me Sammy and you'll understand

In my veins hot music ran

You got me in a sway

And I want to swing you dove

Now you sailors know

Where your women come for love

[Repeat chorus]

You're in a Zoot Suit Riot