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Wedding Date (The) - I Got The Feeling (James Brown)

You come home late from work, baby

You wonder why it ain't on the table

After the day that I've had

I don't believe I'm able

You give me every little reason in the book

But there's one thing that I think you've overlooked

you say you're tired, well so am I

Baby you've got to try and

Meet halfway or we ain't gonna make it, baby

Meet halfway if you want to get it right

Meet halfway cause I ain't gonna take it, baby

Meet halfway in the middle of the night

Our love is kind of stalled, baby

But it aint about the sex

I'd trade the roses and the negligees

If we could just connect

I go deeper when you look into my eyes

There's a place where neither one of us can hide

And it's up to us to reinvent the game

Love it when you call my name and

Meet halfway, ain't no doubt about it, baby

Meet halfway, and we're halfway home

Meet halfway, got to scream and shout it, baby

Meet me halfway and I'll shake you to the bone