Testi Dance :: A

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Albert One - Turbo Diesel

Turbo Diesel... Turbo Diesel...

Bugatti - I saw you in a dream,

Volvo - You´re running hot like steam,

Subaru - You start off like an arrow,

Volkswagen - You never gave me sorrow...

Sitting at the wheel,

My tires burn to squeal,

I know that I will soon be,

A hero in the Grand Prix...

Saturday night - I win at Le Mans,

Risking my life - I wave to my fans,

Morning collides - Champagne on ice,

Now I´m a star - Driving my car...

Ferrari - the fastest on the street,

Rover - you are my everything,

Bentley - A coffin for a king,

Mercedes - So classic and so chic...

I drive without emotion,

I calculate each curve,

I know that I will soon,

A hero in the Grand Prix...