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Alex C - Angel Of Darkness

(feat. Yasmin K)


Angel of darkness

Angel of darkness

The world is in your hand

But I will fight until the end

Angel of darkness

Angel of darkness

Don't follow your command

But I will figth and I will stand


When darkness falls

Pain is all

The Angel of Darkness

will leave behind

and I will fight


The love is lost

beauty and light

have vanished from

garden of delight

The dreams are gone

midnight has come

the darkness is our new kingdom



Hunt goes on

deep in the night

time to pray

down on your knees

you can't hide from the

eternal light

until my last

breath I will figth( I will fight...)


Now realise

the stars they die

darkness has

fallen in paradise

but we'll be strong

and we will fight

against the

creatures of the night