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Geyster - Bye Bye Superman

People call me the human trampoline

I hang out with the girls of plasticine

All over the seven skies I rule

In Hollywood they call me Mister Cool

Watch me go by


Bye Bye Superman

Fly Fly Superman

At dawn I like to surf the Milky Way

And fly around and round the Equator day

Don't try to push me, you're just gonna loose

I'll crush you right back down into your shoes

You'd better let me go

Bye Bye Superman

Fly Fly Superman


As I'm talking to you, Jennifer Carlson is safe and alive,

back from a very unusual trip. Earlier today, around 2pm,

she fell through the wondow of her 59th floor apartment

at the corner of 82nd street and Metro Avenue. Believe

it or not, but some kind of flying man just came out of the

blue right on time to rescue her from her fall. This flying

hero is called Superman. This is John Clay for Radio

Geyster International

Bye Bye Superman

Fly Fly Superman