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Masters At Work - Loud

(feat. Beto Cuevas)

It's really

It's really loud

I wonder

If there's

A problem with the

The mixing-board

But I'm, I'm not


To sing loud

I took a break

And stepped away

From paradise

A faithful angel

Came with me

'Cause I'm

The King of all

The city downtown

Is waiting

For beating pulses

From the DJ's

And while

It's waiting

I sense

The funky chaos

I took a walk

Around the club

To feel the vibe

A lovely sinner

Came to me

As if I was alone

A pretty good time

She promised

If I would let her

Be my bunny

And while

She kissed me

I fell

In funky chaos

Her withered smile

Took all the souls

To fantasize

My favorite angel


To watch me from below

I couldn't reach out

And touch her

Her flaming moves

Were all around me

And while

She burned me

I was in funky chaos

As I see her

Come through the door


The wave of haze

From the crowd's


The way

I fantasize her

Oh, no

But from where

Is she coming from

No one knows?

So for now

It isn't gonna flow

It isn't gonna glow

It gonna go

It wont 'cause it's loud

Loud, loud, loud, loud

(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)