Ryder P. Moses Testo

Testo Ryder P. Moses

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
This demeanor is the sum of foolish dreams
And all the smiles for which I've fallen
This crooked grin is for the eyes that trod my heart
And for the many more to follow
This itching skin is all that keeps me from collapsing
To the floor beneath your presence
I only wish I could make a worthy doormat

Just let it go, let it be
Close your eyes and get some sleep
There's a good chance that the sun will rise tomorrow
Write a song, drink some wine
Whatever gets her off your mind
Just keep a level head it'll be okay

I wish I didn't wish that you were mine
I wish you weren't so enchanting
I wish I wasn't hung up on your smile
It's unhealthy and compulsive
I wrote this to remind me this obsession
Will lay my life to ruin
It ended up being about you anyway
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