Halloween Testo

Testo Halloween

(Music: P. Hermansson, P. Olander; Lyrics: J. Lundholm)

The moon is full and the streets are crowded
Halloween is back and the summer's gone
Patrolling eyes, looking for sidewalk shadows
The same procedure every year
One or two missing but no one hears
The terrifying screams of pain and pleasure
Where is this man we're looking for
Listen to every step you take

He'll set the world on fire tonight
Ready to strike

Special secret agents
With every nerve aware
Ready to pull the trigger on command
Will they succeed tonight, this rotten night
Will they take his life, his wicked life
He wants to see them pumpkins roll tonight
Where is this man we're looking for
Listen to every move you make

Can you hear the steps behind you
Who do they belong to? Friend or foe?
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