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Testo Pavement Song

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Music: M. Karlsson, T. Witt; Lyrics: J. Lundholm)

Dawn breaks, I've been up all night again
My boss' words are jumping around in my brain
How can the fool say “This is the wrong way”
When we're heading for the top
I've been foolin' myself again

I'm standing alone in a corner
Don't know which way to turn
When will I ever learn
He tells me this and promises that
And suddenly I'm out. That's why
I'm singing my pavement song

Friday night, the circus is back in town
I hate it! I don't need it. I'm just another clown
A big black limo, he really enjoys his life
But still he doesn't know what I did to his wife

He'll be standing alone in a corner
When I'm finished, when I'm through
When does he know 'bout rock'n roll
I need some time 'til tomorrow
Will tomorrow ever come? Don't know
That's why I'm singing my pavement song
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