De Ja Vu Testo

Testo De Ja Vu

(Words and Music by: Z. Walters)

This girl, the way she looked at me
spoke to me through telepathy
told me things I never would have known
de ja vu from what I've dreamt at home
head deep on the reef I creep
never felt a sweep from deep so steep
mork and mindy taught me all I know
now I run like the river that's way my mind flows

ooh, de ja vu
come into my mind
all these reruns I cannot rewind
ooh, de ja vu
come into my brain
all these reruns I cannot contain

seems like, I've been here before
monica's next victim is Al Gore
society tells us who we should be
I'm a music junky what's wrong with me
Society says to be the crop of the cream
Be a manufactured structural beam
To help build a predictable scene
Shun the stiffs and American Dream human beings
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