More Of You Testo

Testo More Of You

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(Words and Music by: Zack Walters)

Aah, a little something before we start this off
take a seat, grab a breath girl or go for a walk
cause when you pile it up high, it's gonna all crash down
and give me a call, yea, if you want me around
and if you don't, hey that's fine with me
i got plenty of things to keep myself busy
i'll put office space on repeat
call me pacifist, insensitive, or even discreet

and if you try not to bring me down
i'll be there to lift you up
cause it's a self-fulfilling prophecy
so don't call me a slut
and if your soul feels oh so sick
i could be your wonder drug
but the less that you expect from me
the more of you i love

listen to your stories how your day has gone
don't cock back and slap if you see me yawn and
don't get jealous at our next big show
if you thought i was a gigolo than why would you go, yknow
songs like this they usually make me sick
but if your listening now, i hope it might stick cause
you know it's not my style to sing this way
but i'm gonna do it anyway
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