One Tragic Christmas Testo

Testo One Tragic Christmas

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
In a nightmare before christmas a car sped through Christmas town. Denying the prospect that a Christmas smile could become a frown. And the notion that Christmas cheer could be eroded and cursed. The car laughed at demise and sped on without a care.

For no one that young ever dies this time of year.
The car had 5 shifts, 2 yawns, and 1 turn to hit their mark. Speeding recklessly, slone in the dark. But the acceleration rose, and at 4:15 they hit their mark.

And tall men cried, and women wept. Cuz 4 children were driving that car. And they saw the engine on the grass, and the kids on the street...not moving anymore.

And those people will always remember the tragic end, of those three boys and the sadness of the forth.

Christmas Days, and Christmas nights are cruelest on the fourth
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