The Devil Went Down To Santa Maria Testo

Testo The Devil Went Down To Santa Maria

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
The Devil went down to Santa Maria, he was looking for a soul to steal. Unfortunatly he ran into four punk rockers, 40z in hand, and looking for a meal. He said Listen, I'll bet you I can play a punk rock show that'll knock your studs off! If not, I'll give you all the beer you want Well they finished those 40z and the bet wuz on, A Human and His Stds strapped their dildos on.

6 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes later, that punk rock show, well it wuz over. They played for kids from SLO to Grover, but the fact wuz apparent, the state wuz clear...the Devil had won, they didn't come near. While cleanin' up the blood, Satan walked through the beer. He put his hoof out, confirming their fears. He said Listen I won fair and square, so gimme what I came for and I'll get out of your hair
And the punk rockers laughed cuz they had won, they sold their souls to punk rock before 2001. And the Devil cried, you never seen a demon so glum. So they jerked him off, just for fun!

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