My Friend Testo

Testo My Friend

Musica e Testo: Piero

I want to speak with you
Old friend of mine
Let me have my say about you
If you feel fine

I hate people around me
I detest their smiles
I'm trying to show all my rage
Looking in their eyes

Make me say something more
I failed to talk with them
To find what they're looking for
And I waste my breath

And I'm turning to you
'Cause you use your brain
That's why I forgive, my friend
Trusting in you, believed my pain

But you can't understand
This is what I feel
Therefore I'm coming sad
Therefore I'm going mad

I want to speak to you
Talking also by sings
All question you want to do
They will be right

Please pay attention to my words
Look into my eyes
Common sense is an uncommon thing
Try to use it now

And I'm turning to you...

But you can't understand...

Maybe I feel better if I explain you my rules
And if I show you all my thoughts
Maybe I feel better, if I do it, I'll be right
So, try to enter in my mind

And I'm turning to you...

But you can't understand...
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