The Call Testo

Testo The Call

Musica e Testo: Luca

Memories of a broken past, like ghosts forgotten too fast
When I believed I could be your lover
Your poison hit my bleeding heart, consumed me inside the head
Trying to fall asleep I cannot close these eyes

And I'm thinking on & on
'Bout the first time I hear you call
'Bout the first time I ever known
How My tears are warm

I never known what's your thruth, I don't like new version of you
'Cause I believed I could make one step closer
Hours I passed losing time looking your window so blind
Waiting for something that I know won't arrive

And I'm thinking on & on...

I'd never forgot that
The call was a lie
Lost in a nowhere land
That brings to suicide

And I'm thinking on & on...
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