My Moon Testo

Testo My Moon

Musica e Testo: Andrea

I feel emotionated everytime I stay with you
You are so happy everytime you talk with me
You feel so angry everytime I joke on you
I see your tears fall down everytime I go away

Two puzzle's pieces match and go completing for the work
The silent unheard sound of an unpronunced word
The coloured flower in the barrel of a gun
The living core of an humanity drained world

I want you here (x2)

We watch the moon floats in the dark sky all the night
I'm sure that in this life I've never felt so right
Maybe because I'm laying near a girl so nice
I see then and I know, I'm just lost in her deep eyes

I want you here (x2)

Everytime I watch the moon
It remembers me I'm fool
'Cause I've always let you go so far away
Everytime I watch the moon
It remembers me I'm fool
'Cause I've never said you what I feel for you

But time is fastly running on
And I think it could be too late
This could wake me do a choice that's wrong
And means that for us there's no fate

I want you here (x2)

Everytime... (x2)
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