Breaking For You Testo

Testo Breaking For You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So, you're leaving. You turn your back
and walk away, won't listen to a word I
say, I'm breaking for you. Calling out
to you, at the top of my lungs. I've
waited for you. The waiting is done.
Do, do, doo doo. Do, do, doo, doo.
Do, do, doo, doo.

Hey, you didn't show up today. Maybe
it's better this way, cuz baby, you've
got your own life you should live it.
Ooh, if you only knew, every single
thought I thought of you, I've done all
I can do. I swear it's the truth.


Verse 2:
Now, what about first love? What about faithfulness? Cuz baby, you're just about to break it.
You, should take a few steps back. What you need I already have. Dead and dying love, we could be more than that.


Spoken part: I know my tone is matter of fact and I'm guilty of being too direct, but please come back. Please come back.

Chorus without Doo's:

Ending ( close to last part of chorus melody):
I died for you, so we could be one. Right now we're two, separate sides, fighting for what? Who knows, do you? You're running away, but the desert stretches for miles that way. I'm breaking for you, I'm breaking for you.....
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